Thank you for your submission.

Form of Submission:


Photos: Please submit high-resolution images as JPGs or PNGs. Maximum file size is 5MB.

Creative Writing: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Genre X, in written (PDF, DOC, or DOCX) or video format (see below).

Videos: to submit videos, participants should upload videos to YouTube as a private video and send the unlisted link to Please use your first name last name and the title of your film in the subject.

Participant  work will appear on the closed summit website for the conference  weekend, and then will remain only if the participant desires to include  it in the post-summit open website.

Participants in the  conference will have the opportunity to hear young people from around  the world—talk about what it’s really like growing up globally, living  in the midst of war, and becoming 21st century young activists.

Participants  will also have the opportunity to engage in threaded online discussions  with their global peers on topics including, but not limited to the  impact young artists can have on all of the areas in which we seek  equality and peace in today's world: Women’s Issues, LGBTQ Issues,  Sustainability and The Environment, Hunger, Education, Immigration,  Using the Arts for Social Change, and Using Social Media for Real  Change.

Writing for Peace